The ultimate thermal interfaces for power electronics

High-performance thermal interface materials formulated and manufactured by Magna-Power specifically for use with power semiconductors.

Pitel Paste Formula AZ-01

Product Type Thermal Compound / Grease
Base Aluminum Zinc
Conductivity Non-Conductive
Thermal Performance High
Package Types Container, Tube, or Syringe
Pitel Paste Container A 236 ml


Pitel Paste AZ-01 is Magna-Power’s signature thermal paste formula, designed to satisfy the majority of semiconductor thermal interface requirements for power electronics manufacturers. AZ-01 finds the perfect balance among long-term thermal resistance, viscosity and cost.

Pitel Paste AZ-01 uses a mixture of high-concentration powderized aluminum and zinc oxide suspended in non-conducting silicone oil. This thermal paste formulation was designed specifically for power electronics applications, filling microscopic voids between semiconductors and heatsinks, resulting in a better thermal transfer and ultimately, improved performance capabilities. AZ-01, refined and validated over 8 years by Magna-Power, has a proven track record for delivering superior thermal performance in some of the most demanding power electronics applications.

A wide range of deposition methods are supported for a variety of production needs, including manual deposition, automated dispensing, pneumatic dispensing, and stencil printing.

Pitel Paste is manufactured in the USA at Magna-Power’s manufacturing facility and is compliant with both REACH and RoHS directives.


The available packaging and bundling for Pitel Paste Formula AZ-01.

Package Type Package Description Volume
A Resealable Container 236 ml (8 oz)
A Resealable Container 473 ml (16 oz)
A Resealable Container 19,000 ml (642.47 oz)
B Tube 325 ml (11 oz)
B Tube 946 ml (32 oz)
C Luer Lock Syringe 1 ml (0.03 oz)
C Luer Lock Syringe 5 ml (0.17 oz)

Product Specifications

The specifications for Pitel Paste Formula AZ-01.

Specification Value Testing Method
Color Silver Gray N/A
Density 2.32 g/mL ATM D70
Viscosity at 10 RPM (T-SP-2) 80,000 - 110,000 mPa·s ASTM D2196
Shearing Tendency Shear thinning ASTM D2196
Service Temperature -20°C to 200°C N/A
Storage Temperature
-25°C to 30°C N/A
Color Silver Gray N/A
Dispersion Stability Slight oil separation may occur ISO/TR 13097:2013
Thermal Conductivity 2.7 W/m·K ASTM D7984
Thermal Contact Resistance
(40 psi, 25°C)
6.5 x 10-6 K·m2/W ASTM D5470
Absolute Thermal Resistance
(40 psi, 25°C)
0.008 K/W ASTM D5470
Breakdown Voltage 2.0 kV/mm ASTM D149
Minimum Bond Line Thickness (40 psi) 25 µm N/A
Volatile Content 0.008% ASTM D2369
Volume Resistivity 1.2 x 1014 Ohm·cm ASTM D257
Dielectric Constant 24.08 @ 1 kHz
23.87 @ 10 kHz
Dissipative Factor 0.01237 @ 1 kHz
0.00390 @ 10 kHz